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Stella designed my web site page for International MotherEarthFoundation .org. She was patient, loving and worked with me step by step in a very supportive way. I am not computer savvy and to have Stella working for me was a blessing and relief. She completed the web page for me quickly and was generous in her fee in support of the charity. The final product was perfect. Skillfully designed, easy to work with and exactly what I had hoped as representative of the company. I cannot recommend her enough

– Linda Slade, Los Angeles

Stella is a joy to work with! She is creative and also flexible. She is kind and also hard working. She has done an amazing job of making beautiful post cards and web pages for me at a fair price. She also did a photo shoot with me and was able to capture some of the best photos I have had taken of me and I use them for my web page and other marketing materials now! Thanks Stella!

– Stefan Grafstein, Los Angeles

Working with Stella was fun! I am one of those people that do not like getting my picture taken. I was forced and I use the word “forced” to have a picture taken by my PR agent. Well, Stella really knows how to make you feel comfortable. We spent some time taking photos and presto, I receive an e-mail with several photos that I actually liked! Stella was able to capture the exact picture that captivated the message I want to portray to my potential readers. Stella is extremely perceptive and knows how to for one, make you look nice and also, her photos are interesting and captivating. She picks up on the “subtle” of what you want to promote. I highly recommend Stella to anyone who needs personal or professional photos taken. You will enjoy the experience.
Thank you so much Stella, you made an unpleasant experience into a fun,enjoyable productive one!

– Rochelle L. Cook, Los Angeles

Stella Levi’s approach to photography is very unique and special. She makes you feel very relaxed and at ease, and it is definitely reflected in the photos. To me it felt more like a meditation, rather than a photoshoot. Afterwards I was completely refreshed and invigorated.  The space that Stella held for me and the way she beheld my image through her camera, produced outstanding photos and beautiful memories.

– Masha Korpacheva, Los Angeles

Stella Levi is an accomplished graphic designer, producing some extraordinary brochures, and designing and managing our web site. Stella’s greatest attribute is the speed and creativity which she attends to task. Stella is also a person of extraordinary patience, grace and tact. Dealing with her both on a professional and personal level is always a joy.

– Avi Davis, Los Angeles

Thanks so much for all your work. I appreciate both, your amazing talent and your responsibility and devotion to complete the job properly on time.

– Lior Kaiminetsky, Los Angeles

I had the pleasure of working with Stella both in both graphic Design and photography projects. She is engaging and generous in sharing her creative vision and expertise, and a great listener in delivering the final product above and beyond my expectations!

– Christina Huang, Los Angeles

I have worked on various projects with Stella. Her superb skills and attention to detail are only surpassed by her genuine care and tireless devotion to the most demanding tasks. It is no wonder why her work earns great marks in professionalism.

– Rabbi Eliyahu Kin, Los Angeles

I’m starting my own company (The Spiritual Princess) and just about ready to launch out the gate and I want to acknowledge an amazing graphic artist who made so much of this possible so quickly. Since its inception, my company has undergone three intense design changes within a four month time frame. Along with my passionate belief in what Spirit has led me to do, Stella has been there every step of the way collaborating and creating everything I needed.
Her name is Stella Levi…and she is an answer to my prayers.
First of all, she has saved me a fortune not only by charging me reasonable fee’s but by catching details that could have made a print jobs turn out to be a very expensive flops. Her attention to detail is amazing, and she just “get’s it” (me being a non-graphic artist she is able to bridge the gap so I understand in laymen terms what is going on.) She has always done what she said she would do in the time frame promised and always delighted me with her creativity that merges with polished and professional results. I really don’t think I could have done this without her…I am in such gratitude!

– Leslie Miller, Los Angeles

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